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London Arts Council visual land acknowledgement graphic

Cultivating Allyship

Calls to Action

The London Arts Council acknowledges the 94 Calls to Action outlined in the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and recognizes that accountability to Truth and Reconciliation is sustainable and measurable over time.


Therefore, we are committed to inclusive and equitable arts programming that promotes Indigenous representation in program design and opportunities, professional development for Indigenous artists, and ongoing relationship building with the local Indigenous community.

To find out more about the LAC's Cultivating Allyship efforts, please email

Cultivating Allyship Framework

Hawlii Pichette is a Mushkego Cree, urban iskwew artist and illustrator who resides in London, Ontario. Hawlii collaborated with the London Arts Council to design our Cultivating Allyship working model illustrations. 


In her designs, the land is featured prominently to emphasize the significance of the land in its ability to sustain and nourish life. The land is also meant to represent the importance of foundational work, while the hands symbolize ongoing relational growth and meaningful actions. The subtle seasonal changes are representative of the organic process of the Cultivating Allyship philosophy, with relationships developing over time as a result of the dedicated and responsive efforts represented in each phase.


Indigenous London Arts

Curator Summer Bressette and Designer Katie Wilhelm led the London Arts Council team in curating a virtual space to celebrate, honour, and share local Indigenous arts and culture in the spirit of the Two-Row Wampum and Two-Eyed Seeing.​


This virtual space represents a commitment from the London Arts Council to foster relationship building, as the consensual sharing of knowledge concerning Indigenous history, culture, and philosophy is the first step in this process.


The London Arts Council is committed to working in peace and healing with all Indigenous people. We work closely with the surrounding First Nations communities: Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, Oneida Nation of the Thames, and Munsee-Delaware Nation.

A photograph of a beaded artwork showing a family, artwork by hawlii pichette and photographed by Bangishimo

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