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London Arts Live (LAL) is temporary performance-based public art. Popping up in public spaces across the Forest City, LAL provides Londoners of all ages and backgrounds with entertaining and educational artistic experiences. Catch the magic of the moment today!

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London Arts Live

London Arts Live

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How Can Artists Join the Roster?

London Arts Live showcases London’s artistic talent across all performative disciplines—dance, multimedia, music, theatre, visual arts, and more. There is no deadline to apply: we are always accepting applications to join our roster.

Artists performing as part of London Arts Live earn $60/hour (with multi-artist acts earning $60/hour per person) and can also collect tips during their performances.

Step 1: Online application process

You must be a resident of London, 18 years of age or older, and a professional artist (meaning you have developed skills through training or practice and continue to actively practice, you are recognized by artists working in the same artistic tradition, you have a history of public presentation, and you seek payment for your work).

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Welcome to the London Arts Live roster!

If your application is successful, you'll join our roster of artists. 

Step 2: Jury process

Artist applications are reviewed by a jury, composed of senior arts professionals, that will select those artists who are best for our roster. At this stage, you may be asked to perform at one of our periodic, public auditions.

LAL logistics

Supported through the City of London Community Arts Investment Program (CAIP),

administered by the London Arts Council.


For more information about London Arts Live,

please contact Jeremy Jeresky (Curator, Public Programs and Learning)


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