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Poet Laureate Program

Inspiring, connecting, and fostering community pride and belonging

What is the Poet Laureate Program?

The Poet Laureate is selected by a jury (administered by the London Arts Council) based on literary achievement, contribution toward London’s literary arts, and active community participation. The program gives the Poet Laureate opportunities to engage the city through participation in public readings, civic functions, and collaborative initiatives and through the creation of a legacy project that is unique to the Laureate's work and to the life of our city.

The Poet Laureate is an ambassador for poetry and literary arts within London as well as London’s literary representative beyond the city. The Poet Laureate inspires emerging artists to further the poetic aspects of their crafts, raises the profile of the arts among Londoners in general, and contributes to a unique sense of identity and belonging in our city.

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Supported through the City of London Community Arts Investment Program (CAIP),
administered by the London Arts Council.

For more information about the Poet Laureate,

please contact Jeremy Jeresky

(Curator, Public Programs and Learning)


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