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Experience Culture City X

Enhance your personal horizon or group dynamic with unforgettable and inspiring artistic experiences.

Curated Live Performances


A curated live performance can greatly enhance your event or get-together in a unique and artistic way.


Starting at $150.00, book your single or combination of live:

  • Music,

  • Dance,

  • Visual Arts,

  • Spoken Word and/or

  • Theatrical Arts,


in a variety of genres and styles, the London Arts Council can customize a live performance to suit your needs and interests.


Curated live performances can be enjoyed as a feature presentation on center stage, or as an accent on the side. The possibilities are endless!



1. Animated Tours for Groups


  • Minimum amount per tour:  $300 (up to 17 people, additional $20.00 per person)

  • Maximum number of participants per tour:  46 people


Perfect for tourists and conference attendees, animated group tours are led by professional artists who have intimate knowledge and cultivated insight about the landscape of exploration.


These hour and half tours are keenly augmented by the AudioConnexus HearMe system – a state of the art headset that allows everyone in your group to follow the tour leader with clarity, free of distracting background noises.

2. Free Self Guided or Virtual Tours for Individuals


Learn about London’s public art and public history through virtual or self-guided tours.

Easily accessible through our website, you can experience a virtual tour from the comfort of your desktop anywhere or walk a self-guided tour with your cellular phone or tablet.

Tour Content


1. Public Art Now


(Animated Tours for Groups and Self Guided/Virtual Tours for Individuals)

Learn about the artists, the inspirations and the stories behind many diverse public artworks that enliven London’s downtown core.


This tour includes original artistic creations that can be enjoyed while walking to each Public Art location.

View Self Guided/Virtual Tour Page


2. Stories of London’s Past: A Walk with Peter McGregor


(Animated Tours for Groups Only)

Embark on a journey through time where the rivers of the Thames converge and the stories of London’s past and present unwind. Walk with Peter McGregor, the first Londoner, on a humorous and scenic walk, filled with tales of London’s most iconic and infamous people and places.


3. Interactive LIVE Mural Walk 

Come on down to Dundas Place (Dundas Street) and watch up to 12 visual artists create original paintings – LIVE - on movable mural walls, situated from Wellington to Richmond Street.


This outdoor art gallery will also feature LIVE music to keep the vibe fun and creative.   

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