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Traffic signal boxes, located at intersections around the city, have been wrapped with a vinyl print copy of artworks by local professional artists. All submissions are assessed and artists are paid for use of their artwork.

This is temporary public art meant to beautify our city and create playful moments in the community. Due to the nature of this type of work, we are at the mercy of the elements, hence artwork and locations change. If you spot a box, snap a photo and enjoy the moment!

Collaborators: London Arts Council and City of London

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Illustrated Map
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1. Download the Goosechase app.

2. Enter code X4LZGE in the app to join the Scavenger Hunt.

3. Sign up as an individual.

4. Explore the city and take photos of the Traffic Signal Box Wraps you discover.

5. Submit your photos in the app and accumulate points to win! Prizes will be awarded to participants with the top 11 scores (see details below).


1. You must submit at least 10 photos of Traffic Signal Box Wraps to qualify.

2. Submit high quality images of each traffic signal wrap.*


3. Make your submissions by the deadline of November 1st, 2023

4. Have fun! :)

*By taking part you consent to your submitted photos being used by the London Arts Council

500 downtown dollars for the top scorer

300 downtown dollars for  two 2nd place winners

150 downtown dollars for
three 3rd place winners

downtown dollars for
five 4th place winners

**Click here for a list of participating merchants**

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