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Inspiring a new generation of community members

Culture City Youth description

Culture City Youth introduces young hearts and minds to city-building, civic engagement, and citizenship through the frame of arts. The program's five-day, multi-venue experience immerses students and teachers in the best of London’s culture, offering opportunities to learn from professional artists, city and community leaders, and social innovators and to engage in hands-on experiences that cannot be replicated in the classroom.

A typical Culture City Youth itinerary incorporates more than thirty activities at over a dozen organizations and cultural sites in London, including the following:

  • Experiencing a medicine walk led by a local Indigenous artist.

  • Interpreting stories from London’s history under the guidance of a theatre professional.

  • Breakdancing, song-writing, and improv-ing with professional dancers, musicians, and actors.

  • Learning about the revitalization of Old East Village from community leaders involved in arts and culture, food production and stability, and social services.

  • Becoming budding photojournalists. At the beginning of every Culture City Youth week, students are given cameras and photography instruction. Motivated by daily photo challenges, they make sense of London through a new lens and capture its vibrant downtown core.