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Image by Anthony DELANOIX


The London Arts Council has submitted two business cases to the City of London’s multi-year budget requesting budget increases to help us support the local arts sector.

Business Case 1

Reconciliation, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion

#P-8: Expansion of London Arts Council’s Arts in Communities Programs

Business Case 2

Economic Growth, Culture, and Prosperity

#P-38: City of London Community Arts Investment Program Expansion

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Voices of Support

"Initiatives that enable artist development into a welcoming community was fundamental to believe that I would have something to rely on and learn within this new experience in my life."

- Anddre Mafra 
London Arts Live Artist & 2023 CAIP Recipient



Source: Creative City Network of Canada Cultural Consortium. The Culture Statistics Strategy Consortium includes the Department of Canadian Heritage, Statistics Canada, all 13 provincial and territorial ministries of culture, the Creative City Network of Canada (CCNC), more than 30 municipalities, and other cultural sector stakeholders.

The Facts: Arts & Culture in London