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Music, Arts, and Culture Job Dashboard

The London Arts Council (LAC), through the City of London Culture Services, collaborates with the Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board, to introduce a Music, Arts, and Culture Jobs dashboard on the Local Jobs Hub. To explore all of the Music, Arts, and Culture opportunities available in the London Economic Region, click the button below.

London was recognized as Canada's first UNESCO City of Music on November 8, 2021.


The London Arts Council (LAC) continues to support the broader artistic community through diverse programming in collaboration with public, private, and community partners. As a partner organization, LAC participates in the planning and implementation of the UNESCO City of Music Designation Plan connected with the London Music Strategy and London's Cultural Prosperity Plan.

Community Arts Investment Program (CAIP)

Administered by the London Arts Council and funded by the City of London, the Community Arts Investment Program has supported a range of artistic disciplines, including film and multimedia arts, literature, music, performing arts (such as dance and theatre), and visual arts.

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