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Community Arts Investment Program (CAIP)

Encouraging public awareness and appreciation of the arts, increasing access to quality local arts programming, and enhancing London's desirability as a community since 2001.

CAIP 2024 Status Update

Individual Artists - Closed

Artist Collectives - Closed

Arts Organizations - Closed

Funding Streams


General Information

For more information about CAIP, please contact

​​What is CAIP?

​Administered by the London Arts Council and funded by the City of London, the Community Arts Investment Program has supported a range of artistic disciplines, including film and multimedia arts, literature, music, performing arts (such as dance and theatre), and visual arts.

CAIP Partnerships

With the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the spring of 2020, the London Arts Council entered a partnership with the London Community Foundation to provide further, essential financial support to London’s non-profit arts organizations as they struggled to remain viable and maintain professional staff.


This partnership with the London Community Foundation continued through 2021, 2022, and 2023. Utilizing LAC’s Community Arts Investment Program assessment process, the London Community Foundation has invested a total of $311, 200.00 into London’s arts organizations over the past four years.

What does CAIP provide?

CAIP provides the following:

  • Investment in professional artists and artist collectives who live within the city of London

  • Investment in registered nonprofit arts organizations located within the city of London

Status Updates

​Arts Organizations - closed

Individual Artists and Artist Collectives - closed

The 2021 and 2022 Community Arts Investment Program Reporting Forms and corresponding 2021 and 2022 Reconciled Budget Forms for Individual Artists and Artist Collectives Projects are available here.

Prepare Your Application


Online Submission Process

**We strongly encourage artists and/or arts organizations to meet with the London Arts Council prior to making a submission.**


Consultation meetings must be booked in advance.

Submissions must be received in whole by the submission deadline.


Please ensure you are familiar with the program requirements, and technical aspects of the online submission form well in advance of the deadline.


Assessment Process

Submissions are reviewed by independent volunteer assessors that advise on priority funding areas, assess submissions, and make recommendations on the awarding of investments.


The CAIP Assessment Panel is comprised of approximately fifteen arts professionals, community members, and arts patrons from across London.


We invite Expressions of Interest from all qualified parties to be a CAIP assessor; however, you cannot serve as an assessor in a year when you have submitted an investment request.


Recognition, Requirements and Reporting Process

If you receive an investment, you will be required to:

  1. Acknowledge the London Arts Council and the City of London's support by including print/digital logos and verbal credit lines as described in our investment agreement and on our Logos and Acknowledgments page;

  2. Any other requirements as outlined in our investment agreement;

  3. Submit a final report, including a reconciled project budget.


Supported by the Best Partners

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Contact the London Arts Council at if you have any questions.

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