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#P-38: City of London Community Arts Investment Program Expansion under Economic Growth, Culture, and Prosperity

London Arts Council is requesting $345,000 to expand the capacity of CAIP arts funding streams. CAIP contributes to the creative vibrancy of London and enhances London’s desirability as a community of choice and visitor destination by providing direct financial support and investment for the local arts sector and its diverse artistic and musical talent for creation, production, and presentation.

However, the CAIP budget has not seen an increase in investment in the 23 years since its inception, yet the demand has grown tremendously. CAIP has reached its financial allocation capacity with over $2 million in unprecedented requests. As a result, only 41% of applicants received funding through CAIP in 2023. Without a healthy budget for the CAIP program, our community will lose diverse artists and arts organizations that enrich the cultural life of London.


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