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Indigenous London Arts Programming Development

In the London Arts Council’s (LAC) ongoing efforts towards actionable and sustainable reconciliation, we took the virtual concept for the (ILA) website, and brought it into reality, through the creation of an Indigenous London Arts Programs department led by LAC’s Administrator, Indigenous Programs, who works in consultation with Indigenous partners and community members.

We  acknowledge the need for this department to be distinct, and sovereign in its development, so with the help of Indigenous Designer, Katie Wilhelm, a separate logo was created to represent Indigenous London Arts, as distinct from LAC’s regular programming, while still falling under the umbrella of London Arts Council.

Taking inspiration from the Indigenous London Arts website, Katie was able to create this beautiful logo, using the colours and references mentioned in our virtual land acknowledgment.

You will see the same colours repeated throughout the ILA website, as they are reminiscent of the colours seen in nature -- water, dirt, sun, air, trees, grass, -- all elements that are significant to Indigenous Peoples as the original caretakers of this land, and a part of their creation stories.

As ILA is a branch of the London Arts Council, the splaying of the petals and dot in the middle nod to LAC’s logo star-shaped design. We’ve also included the City of London’s signature green which represents our relationship with the City, as we work together with their commitment to Truth & Reconciliation in mind.


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