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Solomon Marley-Spence

"To me, my art is all about being uncensored and unadulterated. In the outside world, we're constantly battered with rules and guidelines on how we should operate. When I'm in the studio, my only focus is to be honest and to break as many rules as possible. Let me hear reggae mixed with funk, dancehall mixed with disco. And let me exploit my creative license to express how I really feel. Sometimes it's vulnerable and soft, or brash and unruly. I discuss mental health almost constantly as well. Really my own, because I feel people will hear what I say and relate. So they feel less lonely about whatever they're going through. I've had people close to me ask me if I exaggerate the details, because they don't know me to go through those types of situations. When it comes to racial issues, my music allows me to ask difficult questions while challenging the stereotypes of being a black artist. It's all very tongue-in-cheek, but it's an empowering experience all the same." 

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