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Terry Fox Public Art

Updated: Apr 12, 2023


Concrete, rock, galvanized and porcelain enamel steel, native perennials. 409m square in area.


Following in his Footsteps pays tribute to Terry Fox as a historic figure — and celebrates his dream of finding a cure for cancer. This permanent, immersive landscape artwork will be integrated into the Terry Fox Parkway, the site of the annual Terry Fox Run (held every September since 1981). The artwork is also accompanied by a commemorative plaque featuring Cliff Kearns’s portrait Marathon of Hope - Terry Fox (1981, oil on canvas).

Designed to bring Terry’s spirit to life and inspire a unique experience for each visitor, Following in his Footsteps evokes the Canadian landscape Terry travelled, his heroism, and our shared potential for courage. Signposts mark distances to the cities on Terry’s route. Two boulders, one from Newfoundland and the other from Thunder Bay, mark the extent of his run. The variety of flowers planted here bloom at specific times of the year, commemorating three dates: the beginning of the Marathon of Hope, Terry’s arrival in London, and his passing. The patterned pathway and replica of Terry’s shoeprints suggest his iconic running gait, allowing us the opportunity to follow in his footsteps and continue his inspiring legacy.

Notation in miles is used in the artwork as Terry, along with most Canadians of the period, thought and spoke using this Imperial unit. While Canada had officially adopted the Metric system prior to 1980, the cultural currency of the Imperial continued to be widely employed. Terry’s diary and interviews during his journey directly reflect this usage.

Artists: LeuWebb Projects, composed of Christine Leu and Alan Webb.

Supporters: London Arts Council and City of London Public Art Program

Location: Terry Fox Parkway near Greenway Park Saturn Playground

50 Greenside Avenue, London, ON N6J 2X5


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