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Culture Days : 2018



(September 28th - 30th, 2018)

From September 28-30, London Arts Council celebrated our 9th year of participation in Canada's national celebration of arts & culture by bringing engaging, creative, and participatory art activities to four corners of the Forest City — from Museum London to Old East Village, from Masonville Place to White Oaks Mall — and venues between.

Featured events:

  • multi-disciplinary, large-scale calligraphy performances at Museum London's new Centre at the Forks

  • a 3D thread-drawing installation and family-friendly art activities at London Public Library

  • a weekend of Indigenous art, student art, workshops, hip hop, DJing, live music, and dance battles curated by Ill at Will crew at B13 (The Baker's Dozen)

  • mosaic-making workshops, live metalwork, a graffiti free-wall, and innovative bike tread art in Old East Village

  • collaborative sculpture-building and poetry activities at South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre

  • interactive modern dance displays, performances by London Arts Live artists, community murals, and a pop-up artist studio at Masonville Place and White Oaks Mall

Funders of Culture Days 2018


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