Painting the Town, a Culture City X tour

London's downtown     Visual arts     Hip hop

Become a better explorer of cities and urban art scenes by learning to think about the body in motion. Guided by professional visual artists, you'll discover London's vibrant visual art and hip hop scenes and re-discover painting through form, feeling, and collaboration.


  • Learn the basics of painting from resident artists at the TAP Centre for Creativity

  • Move with purpose through London, discovering its street murals and hidden graffiti alleys

  • Get an insider's tour of downtown art galleries from professional London artists)

  • Meet hip hop's rich histories & types of expression at ONE Dance Studio while learning to sketch the body in motion
  • Collaborate with your guiding artists to turn these sketches into your own London painting

Customized pricing & itinerary available

Recommended group size: 20

Recommended duration: 3 hours