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Community Arts Venues Education

Creating authentic learning experiences in London’s most creative arts venues

CAVE description


CAVE's "beyond the classroom" approach immerses students and teachers in their local arts communities.


In partnership with The Grand Theatre, The Palace Theatre's London Community Players, and TAP Centre for Creativity, the LAC has created week-long hands-on learning experiences in active arts venues.

  • Students will explore a non-profit/community arts organization, learn about the rewards and challenges of running such an organization, and gain (through hands-on learning and real-life examples) a better understanding of the occupations and opportunities that are possible within the arts sector.

  • Students will connect with arts professionals and learn what goes on behind the scenes—including writing, planning, designing, budgeting, marketing, rehearsing, and contributing to the local arts community.

  • Students will experiment with a variety of art forms—including role playing, movement, costume design, character and script development, and creating narratives around impromptu situations and props—under the instruction of arts professionals and LAIR artists.