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Amsa Yaro

"My Art: I wouldn’t lock my art to a particular style as it’s still evolving but I gain inspiration from a variety of artists as well as techniques such as batik wax, sculpting, collage, print making and more. So I would say that my art shows how I play with the knowledge I have gained to make something that tells stories I have experienced, heard or seen in my life so far.

As an African immigrant, my blackness is mine and so I put it in my art for it to look like me. I want you to see me in my fullness, the unending journey to create a space for myself and others where stories like mine, journeys like mine, likenesses like mine can just be without having to think twice about tokenism, performative actions and Diversity with a catch. If my canvas is that space, I shall use it. As black joy or progress is resistance, this is what I add to the celebration of my skin tone, my community, our history, both good and bad, our diversity and future in blackness.

My mental health is my top priority as when my mental health isn’t great, my work suffers. So I had to learn my limits, not take on so much that can lead to burnout or me being dispassionate about my work. During these times, I have reduced the amount of time I spend listening to the news, speak with a friend or family, read and rest."

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