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Art Events

Submit Your Art Event

If you'd like to submit your event to the Arts in London calendar, please make sure to submit it by the final day of the month prior to your event using the form below.

For example, if your event is on May 14, please submit no later than April 30.

This form takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Contact Information

Event Information

Event Categories

Upload Event Image

Upload File

Images to consider: Please use an image that does not have text or logos to avoid clutter. Use a simple image to attract the viewer's attention. Keep in mind that the viewer will see the details of your event, like the title, date and location, below the listing image and complete info on the details page of your event; therefore, it is not necessary to embed those details within your image.

Before you upload an image, make sure that the image falls into one of the four categories. London Arts Council does not assume responsibility and liability for the content and images of any submitted event postings.

London Arts Council reserves the right to change/edit images, or to choose a different image for the event submission.

  1. Own work: You own all rights to the image, usually meaning that you created it entirely yourself.

  2. Freely licensed: You can prove that the copyright holder has released the image under an acceptable free license.

  3. Public domain: You can prove that the image is in the public domain, i.e. free of all copyrights.

  4. Fair use: You believe that the image meets the special conditions for non-free content, which allows the use of unlicensed material, and you can provide an explicit non-free use rationale explaining why and how you intend to use it.


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