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Lexian Brown

"Six years out of the Bahamas, Jaghuligin has made an explosive impact in the Canadian music scene with releases like 'Don't Let me Go', 'Hat Man' and 'Average'.  The Bahamian native has crossed several genres with hiphop utilizing reggae and R&B influences.  His genuine lyrical delivery in songs like 'Hobby into passion' impact the post-millennial generation.  Since making his way to Canada he has already accomplished esteemed accolades such as the Sony ATV Songwriter Award in 2016.  


The passionate hip-hop artist plans to bring his message and creativity on tour to further spread his positive message through his music. He said in an interview; “My music embodies strength, unity and accountability which I think are core values in black culture.” Jag is featured in songs like ‘consolidate’ with Solo Yt and King Cruff, tackling the issue of racism. He told listeners; “my goal is to express the damaging effects of being mistreated and disrespected for the colour of our skin. When demeaning things are said to people it can cause a lot of harm, this is the kind of topic I never shy away from addressing.”


In the song ‘Here today Gone Today (HTGT)’ Jag addresses the issue of gang violence and the cycle of hatred and colourism. He also said “During my creative process I think of ways to incorporate my faith while still bringing awareness to issues such as racism.” He ended it by saying “I pray my music will be a beacon of hope, inspiration and awareness within our race and communities.”


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