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The London Arts Council is proud to support the Forest City London Music Awards in London, Canada

Since its beginning, some 300 volunteers have donated their time, skill and music passion to the London music community. The initial vision was to undertake an awards ceremony that would bring the music community together for one night and to one day hold a week-long celebration of London music and curate a brick-and-mortar music hall of fame preserving the music history of our city.

Forest City London Music Awards has developed over the years with vision, courage, and incredible community support. With a dedicated team of volunteers, Board of Directors and Steering Committee, they continue to be inspired and excited by the talent in London and region.


Together we celebrate London's music legends, devoted bands, emerging artists, and the creators behind the scenes of our local music industry itself. 

Congratulations, to an incredibly hard working team of volunteers, the London Arts Council appreciates your dedication to London's music community.

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