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Artist Feature: Angie Quick

Angie Quick is a self-taught painter and poet working in London, Ontario, who is known for her large oil paintings exploring flesh in a manner both historical and contemporary.

Her practice experiments with the nature of language and sensation in visual and performative contexts. She loves riding her bike to the library and eating juicy peaches while spread out in a field, reading.

How to Paint with Feeling with Angie Quick

How to Paint with Feeling with Angie Quick

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I am working on further diminishing the boundaries between my art and life.


I will be transitioning studio spaces and readying for a kind of hermitage.

I envision this transition as the posing of a question that will, in answering itself, become the onslaught of a new body of work.

I anticipate the challenges of proximity, immediacy, and solitude.

Angie Quick is a guiding artist in the London Arts Council's Culture City X program and a four-time recipient of project funding through the City of London's Community Arts Investment Program (CAIP), administered by the London Arts Council.

Angie’s paintings can currently be seen in the Impossible Expectations exhibition at Hamilton Artists Inc.

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