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a partnership of the London Arts Council and London Free Press

Thank you to the thousands of people from all over the world who tuned in to our LAL-O series designed to support professional artists.

If you would like to contribute to the London Arts Council Artist Relief fund, please donate here: charitable receipts are issued online. 

As we say in showbiz that’s a wrap!


In response to the COVID 19 crisis the London Arts Council partnered with the London Free Press to create London Arts Live-Online (LAL-O). The goal of this program was to provide paid opportunities for professional artists to create and perform online experiences for Londoners of all ages. Consequently, over the last 4 months the LAL-O program has enabled over 70 artists within the disciplines of music, dance, visual arts, theatre and spoken word to maintain their practice and share their talents with familiar and new audiences in local and international settings.  Isolated from each other Londoners took to the internet to connect,  LAL-O was a place to meet, forging new connections with those seeking everything that the arts have to offer. With over 394,000 views, many artists discovered and made connections with new audiences, and likewise many audience members (which included artists and non-artists alike) discovered new artists and art forms. 

In an effort to be responsive and keep professional artists working it was important for the London Arts Council to respond quickly to the pandemic. We now see there are many arts organizations, groups and artists who are delivering online entertainment and participatory activities. With this in mind, and in keeping with the foundation of our sensibilities, the London Arts Council is concluding the LAL-O program as a means to make way for the many new online performance initiatives, and direct our efforts to the challenges ahead for the arts sector.

For more information about London Arts Live - Online,

please contact London Arts Council at

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