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Kevin Phoenix Shawn Clements

"Dancing is my art. My freestyle is inspired by a blend of styles such as Hip Hop, Pop, Afro, House, Krump, Top Rock, Break Dancing, Dancehall, K-pop, Jazz, Salsa, Contemporary, Whacking, Tutting, and Animation. 


These different dance styles that come from many different cultures allow me to connect with a very diverse group of people and help us celebrate movement together while continuing to learn from each other. My art of dancing is theatrical, conversational, and storytelling. Every movement has its own story and invites audiences of all different ethnicities in. Communicating less with our words but more with our movement, energy, stories, messages and positivity, are what we can then pass down to the next generation.


Dance has allowed me to let out any stress, become more resilient, and shed many other negative emotions. It allows me to be present."

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