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Full Spectrum Series by
Ottawa Arts Council

Ottawa Arts Council | Conseil des Arts D’Ottawa

Full Spectrum Series

The 8-video series and toolkits were designed for arts organizations and self-employed Professional Artists, Creators, and Practitioners of Traditional Arts. Designed by Artists and cultural leaders, these resorces provide skills and information on a varitey of practical professional topics from project management to video production, marketing to communications.

The London Arts Council is a member of the Alliance of Arts Councils of Ontario (AACO)



Alliance of Arts Councils of Ontario includes more than 30 municipal and regional arts councils, community arts councils and artist networks from across Ontario, who collectively represent tens of thousands of artists, hundreds of local arts organizations of every size and discipline, delivering arts and culture programming and services in their communities, as well as cultural workers and arts groups in every discipline, including their volunteers and audiences. To champion the arts and serve as a unified voice for collaborative advocacy for the sector’s advancement in Ontario, AACO connects arts service organizations through the exchange of resources and best practices.


As a member of the AACO, LAC shares and co-promotes other member organizations’ resources and practices that will further support, strengthen, and benefit the local arts community.

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