Artist Feature: Megan Arnold

Megan Arnold is a multifaceted human being known for her work as Megan Arnold (visual artist), Shhh (minimal electronic avant-pop music-maker), and Crybaby Kiki (drag performer). Using a combination of drag, drawing, printmaking, relational aesthetics, installation, musical storytelling, & (attempts at) dance, she bridges gaps between humour & pathos, art & entertainment, and fantasy & reality.

Megan has received a BFA from Western University, exhibited with celebrity cartoonist Bryan Lee O’Malley, and won the title of high school prom queen.

"I really wanna be in a close community of artists again — and have people tear my work apart until I cry"

"I’ve incorporated drag into my music performances. It feels like a natural development."

It’s late summer, 2018, and you and I just matched on Generic Dating App. I tell you,

 and you ask me,

I feel none of my usual aversion to delving deep into my hopes and dreams and passions with a stranger because the Internet doesn’t feel Real. So, I go off:

Megan Arnold WAYWON 4.png
Megan Arnold WAYWON 7.png
Megan Arnold WAYWON 8.png

Megan Arnold recently joined the London Arts Council's London Arts Live roster as a multidisciplinary artist.

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