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Art gives me freedom. This freedom comes from being able to let my mind, soul and body be creative. My art is a reflection of how I continue to grow in life both as a person and artists. At times, I find that I am taking the role of a scientist; I want to explore, make predictions and test my limits. I love to adopt different tools to make lines ans use a variety of mediums to experiment with colour. As an art educator, I continually see how much we learn from each other. We all seek out connections with people and the world around us as we are inspired and challenged by our environments. It is never my intent to be 'the teacher' but more a guiding hand to lead others into their own discoveries. My goal is to reach out to all people, regardless of age, background or skill, with my love for art and have them see themselves as artists. For me, the AECE program provides a chance for both students and teachers to enjoy the process of creation. There is something really magical that happens when we make art; we build relationships, self-confidence and self-expression.

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