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Alicia Raphael

"To me, dancing is a way of life. When I dance, it mimics how I want to move through the world; strong, confident, and in a way that positively affects those around me. This incredible art form that has been dear to my heart since I was a young child allows me to be seen, felt, and heard in a world that does not always afford me that same opportunity. I love dancing most because it transcends both space and time. It does not discriminate but instead brings people together regardless of creed, race, or age.

When I dance, I unlock parts of me that are otherwise tucked away. I can push myself to the limit, twisting, turning, jumping, moving rhythmically, and at times dramatically to the beat. My movement will always infuse my Caribbean culture and formal ballet, jazz, and tap training. I feel privileged and honored to move freely in ways that had evolved from my ancestors before me who used it as a form of resistance to create harmony and come together. I am also grateful to explore various dance styles of different origins, learning from instructors from all over the world. Dance helps me cope with day-to-day stresses, and I believe it serves the same purpose for many others. It helps me stay grounded and connected not only to myself but also to those around me. When I dance, I feel powerful, electric, and best  of all, I feel happy and free." 

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