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AACO's 2023 Provincial Pre-Budget Consultation Submission

The London Arts Council is a proud member of the Alliance of the Arts Councils of Ontario (AACO). Comprised of more than 30 municipal and regional arts councils, community arts councils and artists’ networks from across Ontario, AACO represents tens of thousands of artists, hundreds of local arts organizations of every size and discipline delivering arts and culture programming and services in their communities, cultural workers and arts groups in every discipline, their volunteers and audiences.

The AACO is dedicated to the ongoing advancement of the sector, with members meeting monthly to share knowledge and information, provide peer support, explore new ideas, organize professional development opportunities, and undertake research and advocacy initiatives that support the health and wellbeing of the arts sector locally and across the province. 

Together, we developed a report to submit to the Ontario Government's Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs when the Committee met to conduct Pre-Budget Consultations. The report consists of seven recommendations that we feel will help ensure a robust COVID-19 pandemic recovery and provide the foundation for the sustainable future of the arts and culture sector in the Province of Ontario.

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