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Visual Arts

Tricia Edgar is a visual artist with a passion for the Thames River. In 2002, she was commissioned to create a watercolour illustrative map of the Thames River Watershed, which still hangs in many public and municipal spaces. In 2012, she led a national arts initiative for ArtSmarts Canada as the London Lead Artist & Instructor, in which she explored the historical and environmental significance of the Coves and Thames River. For the past four years, she has worked as a London Artist in Residence. A partner with a local school, students, and Friends of the Coves, she has developed a deeper understanding of the issues of local sustainable environmental practices. She has designed many large murals and works of art using various techniques with paint and mixed media. She has also made and sold her art at events such as Gathering on the Green and Home County Folk Festival. Currently, Tricia is finishing her B.A. in Education.


Sheri Cowan has been working in creative visual arts for the past 20 years. As a London Artist in Residence, she has finished three years of educating grade 7 and 8 students in reductive linoblock printing. She has challenged students to base their projects on an issue they feel strongly about and the results are impressive. Her goal is to give students a true art-making experience. Sheri also has experience in a wide variety of art and craft, including fibre-arts (sewing, embroidery, free-form quilting), painting (acrylic, watercolour, gouache), weaving, and picture-framing. She is enthusiastic about art-making and loves to encourage and empower others to experience the joy that comes through creating art.


Experience the joy of art-making with Tricia and Sheri by contributing to a Thames River-inspired mosaic style mural.

London Arts Live is a pop-up art program funding professional artists like Tricia & Sheri to animate public spaces.

For more information about London Arts Live,
please contact info@londonarts.ca