Music - Folk / Pop

Renee Coughlin (vocals, guitar)

Noelle Coughlin (vocals, guitar)

Hillary Watson (vocals, guitar)

Steve Plimmer (drums)


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The Pairs are a female fronted folk pop quartet with deep roots in London, ON. Powered by 3 classically trained vocalists and a former punk rock drummer, their unique blend of harmony and rhythm will hug your eardrums and FORCE you to dance. Their storytelling and honest songwriting provides an uplifting audience experience you won't want to miss.

With 3 unique song writers at the helm, The Pairs are able to create a diverse repertoire using their individual lives as inspiration for their writing.  Employing music as a tool for sharing stories of life's challenges, personal growth, hope and hilarity, The Pairs inherently connect with the audience/ community through their emotion full performances. 


London Arts Live is a pop-up art program funding professional artists like The Pairs to perform in unique venues.

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