SUM 01

Music - Rap

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In short, Sum-01 (sum-one) kicks raps over dope beats. Her style; has yet to find a box to fit in. Her image; unique all to her own. Her influences; strong female emcee’s from the early 90’s. She raps, and DJ Hullewud spins her boom-bap sounds. Often jacking new school beats, blending with her old school sound. Sum-01 is a breath of fresh air. Her music resonates with Hip-Hop culture purists, aficionados, curators and devotees to old school sound.

Follow Sum-01 and show some local support for the movement of this female Hip-Hop artist, MC, activist, radio show host, and mother. You can catch her on-air hosting her new show Drop The Needle Radio Saturday’s 6-8PM on Radio Western 94.9FM alongside AB Quality. Or simply follow her on Social Media.


London Arts Live is a pop-up art program funding professional artists like SUM 01 to perform in unique venues.

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