London Snapshots, a Culture City X tour

Forks of the Thames     Photography     Public art

Become a better travel photographer by learning about photographic composition and the history of photographic techniques. Guided by professional photographers, you'll discover London's Victorian past, its contemporary public art, and the natural beauty of the Thames River.


  • Go "behind the ropes" at Eldon House, a Victorian museum located in London's oldest residence

  • Learn the basics of indoor photography, including capturing artworks and artifacts in challenging lighting

  • Get a Londoner's tour of the Forks of the Thames, the native flora of the region, and the history behind some of London's most iconic public art

  • Learn the basics of outdoor photography, including capturing the natural and monumental

  • Delve into the history of photography itself with a hands-on introduction to "sun printing"

Customized pricing & itinerary available

Recommended group size: 20

Recommended duration: 3 hours