London Arts Council's 
2022 Provincial Pre-Budget Consultation Submission

The London Arts Council prepared a submission to the Ontario Government’s Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs when the Committee met to conduct Pre-Budget Consultations. 

LAC determined some initial recommendations regarding investment support for London’s arts sector based on local issues identified through group discussions and one on one conversations with artists and arts organizations since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We then distributed a targeted survey to the non-profit arts organizations in London, Ontario. The survey outlined six issues, as well as subsequent recommendations. We sought input regarding the congruency of the issues and recommendations with their experiences, as well as any examples and insights from their organizational perspectives. All the respondents echoed the concerns outlined in the six issues and subsequent recommendations, and all provided thoughtful and detailed insights from their own organizational perspectives.

The organizations surveyed include: Aeolian Hall Performing Arts Centre, El Sistema South, Forest City Film Festival, London Clay Arts Centre, London Committee for Cross Cultural Arts (Sunfest), London Ontario Media Arts Association, London Pro Musica, London Youth Symphony, Musical Theatre Productions, and TAP Centre for Creativity.

Thank you to all who took part and contributed your perspectives and experiences!

In working together and supporting one another, we can cultivate a sustainable, equitable, and enduring future for the arts in our community!