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Ground Zero

Music - Pop

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Formed in spring 2019 by Derek Holzscherer and Frank Reynoso, Ground Zero is an acoustic duo with the goal of bringing high energy acoustic instrumental music into the mainstream. The duo initially met in late 2017 in the London open mic circuit. During their first year performing, they continued to hone their performing abilities through live looping covers of popular songs and instrumentals. It was during this time that the duo developed their unique combination of fingerstyle guitar, rock, latin and folk in their attempt to sonically capture the essence of day to day human emotions. In their second year, the duo began writing and performing original material. Shortly after, this material was professionally recorded (OIART and Radio Western Studios) and is currently available on the duo’s debut EP “Beyond Boundaries”. They are actively working on new material, with a focus on their rock-latin style which has been extremely well received by audiences.


London Arts Live is a pop-up art program funding professional artists like Ground Zero to perform in unique venues.

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