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Music - Folk/Pop

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One of the best feelings in the world is being absolutely and utterly lost in a moment of music. An intimate experience between artist and listener. This can happen in the line at Starbucks, on the radio while you drive to work, or when listening to your favourite playlist before you fall asleep. Cameron Jericho’s vivid imagery, honest storytelling, and vocal sensibilities bring you these moments with unique and interesting songs. 

Pulling from both current and legendary influences, Jericho creates a new and exclusive sound that can only fall under the umbrella of “Folk”, while still confidently flirting with the best parts of pop music. Someone who can engage with the gritty side of life, he also remembers to come up for air - which leads to emotionally dynamic music. These songs were born to live in your all-time top ten lists.

Jericho has an impressive repertoire of work, including having a co-written song placed in an award-winning short film, and headlining the grand opening of “The Rosewood” venue in London. Years of performance in almost every size of venue has given Jericho a polished and experienced stage presence, apparent from the very first song of every performance.


London Arts Live is a pop-up art program funding professional artists like Cameron to perform in unique venues.

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