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Asante Deluy

"Asante’s art is tied to no genre. Asante expresses himself through moods and feelings. He makes music that directly correlates to human emotion. Asante’s art refuses to be tied down by race and expectations. When Asante started making music, his peers would expect him to rap. Asante would always sing as that’s how the music calls to him. He is breaking the stigma that black artists are rappers. Inspired by the great legends in black music from the legends of the blues to the 1960's Motown, Michael Jackson to Juice World.  The sounds of  Africa are the foundations of much of today's music.  Black History Month is a celebration of LIFE.  Asante’s lyrics give his fans an idea of where Asante is in life at that current moment. Asante loves to make music that people can learn and relate to. “Diagonal” is an example as it tells the story of a man who’s in love with a girl who doesn’t have the same amount of love for him. Fans relate to this song and learn from this story. "

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